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Face, Body | Soothes and repairs | 130 ml

Formulated to soothe skin that's been damaged and dehydrated by exposure to the sun, this moisturising lotion provides rapid relief, rehydrating the skin and making it feel instantly refreshed.

An aftersun that combines lightweight texture with hydrating properties to act as a soothing balm to skin that's dry and tight from the effects of the sun. Can also be applied as part of a daily routine.

Smooth, refreshing, lightweight texture, combined with a fragrance with hints of fig leaf and coconut.

All-natural fragrance: 100%
All-natural ingredients: 99.45%
Dermatologically tested
Recyclable packaging: 100%
Fluid and perfumed emulsion, with a fresh and light touch
All skin types
Not tested on animals.
Certified organic by ECOCERT®, and boasting the COSMEBIO® label of approval Certified as PETA®-Approved Vegan
Made in France