about us

open to grace was founded in November 2016 by Connie Gorming and Irene Herbst – both Yoga Teachers located in Copenhagen Denmark.

All items in our store has been handpicked and personal tested to ensure high quality and the best fitting athleisure wear for all kind of movement - sweaty or chill - day and night.

We carry a range of clothing, yogagear, accessories and products for the body and soul - minded on dressing the whole you. Our list of brands is a mix of high end to a more casual and timeless style. We have made a big effort to present you for new exiting Scandinavian and European brands – in Denmark only sold by open to grace – so you can keep your inner body bright and outer body soft and beautiful.


open to grace is driven by the passion to good quality, great comfort and long-lasting products combined with fabulous looks. We work with a conscious and responsible mind and we truly care about the footprints we leave behind us.

Producing materials and products will always have an impact on the environment and the challenge is to minimize it as much as possible. We take great care in selecting our fabrics and vendors to make sure that they share our values. Yet working with a sustainable approach is a constant process and we always try to improve and to do better than yesterday.
Sustainable products can be organic materials, recycled materials, recycled plastics, local production etc. Our products are all handpicked and chosen out from at least one or more of below listed criteria’s.

We try as far as we can to be conscious around packaging. We use environmentally friendly and BIO degradable packaging. You may also find shredded newspapers and used paper in your package that protects your purchase. This we have chosen to do in order to reuse the materials that we already have at our disposal.

Live Life with Grace

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